Sunday, 23 September 2012

How to complete survey

 How To Complete A Survey ?

1. Choose one of the five offers. Offers are usually short surveys or signup forms.

2. Fill out the offer with valid information and a working email address. If your information is detected as fake you will not be given access, and could be permanently locked out.

3. Once you've completed the offer, the Download button will turn green and be enabled.


If you want to download you have to complete a survey. If you're not from America and if you have to pay something to complete a survey, download HOTSPOT SHIELD. That is a program that gives to your computer an American IP adress so you have to complete american surveys which are not hard. If you have luck, you will just have to sign up to a site or download a free program easily.

If you get surveys in which you have type name, adress, phone number and etc. you don't have to type in your information, just go to and use information from there.


Once you've completed the offer wait from 30 seconds up to 1 minute for our advertisers to respond and approve that you completed the offer. After they respond your Code will be unlocked and available for use. We guarantee that every code is unique.